Garmin Instinct and Fenix 6 Solar Editions Launched

Garmin Fenix 6 X Pro Solar edition

Garmin has been adding solar technology to most of its devices over the past few years. Now, they have introduced this technology to its smartwatches as well. It is a prevailing rumor that Garmin has incorporated solar technology in its Fenix series of smartwatches. This technology has already been implemented in the Fenix 6x Pro solar model.

The top of the watch has a transparent glass top that can convert energy from sunlight electrical energy, and it can augment the watch’s battery life by a good 10-15%. The same glass panel also acts as the watch face in Garmin Fenix 6X Pro watches. 

The new 6x Pro Solar model of the watch is supposed to cost an extra $150 for its eco-friendly feature. This smartwatch can also store up to 2000 songs in it and you can listen to music a wireless headset or earphone. Besides this solar charging technology, the watch is also supposed to have the following features:

  • PacePro feature in Fenix 6X can accurately count the number of steps taken by the user. 
  • The watch will be capable of showing on-screen animations of different workout activities. 
  • The watch has an extra sports profile that can acknowledge various activities like bouldering, surfing, wall climbing e.t.c. 
  • A few preloaded maps and golf gaming extras will also be included in this watch.
  • The watch is believed to sustain its charge up to 80 days with the solar charging technology.
  • The GPS life, which was earlier up to 36 hours, is now rumored to be extended up to 40 hours or more with solar technology.
  • This watch will be available in the market for $850.

Garmin Instinct is another Smartwatch that comes with solar charging panels. The price of this watch series may be around $400. 

A few features of Garmin Instinct watches may be as follows:

  1. The watch is believed to last for 24 days if the user stays indoors most of the time, and it might last up to 50 days if the person remains outdoor. 
  2. Since this watch has a monochrome mode, thus the solar charging technology will make it last for a very long time. 
  3. This watch comes with a blood oxygen sensor monitor that checks the oxygen levels in the blood.
  4. It will also have pre-installed tidal tables for surfing experts. 

Tactix Delta Solar edition is also expected to come into the market with a similar military standard. This watch is supposed to be available for $ 1099. Such a high price is due to the feature of applied ballistic calculator for very concise windage problems. The incorporation of solar technology is believed to increase the battery life of this watch from 21 days to 24 days. Toggle panel: Schema & Structured Data on this post

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