Are wireless headphones better than wired? Fact Checks

Are wireless headphones better than wired

We all stuck at one stage or another stage of buying earphones on what kind of headphones we must go for, wired or wireless? If we observe the trend of earphones in the last couple of years, we can see a massive surge in the wireless or Bluetooth earphone business. If you are going to purchase a headphone, you may also have this dilemma in your mind, “Are wireless headphones better than wired?

Some premium smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Motorola, OnePlus, etc. have already started to eliminate the traditional 3.5 mm headphone jacks from their phones. But the market study shows that it is too early to go for such technologies. When we tested Bluetooth and wired headphones at the same time, we found there is a lot more way to go for the wireless earphones to deliver the audio quality and precision of its wired counterparts.

Are wireless headphones better than wired?

Both wired and wireless earphones support water and sweatproof features with most of their models.

Here we try to clarify your doubts on wired or wireless headphone, which is better?

Why wired headphones?

If you are a music lover and your prime objective is to listen to music, then go for wired without a second thought. We all have this doubt-wired or wireless headphones which is better? On comparing wired and wireless of the same price range, wired earphones are far better in terms of quality and clarity of acoustics, noise cancellation, design, mic, as well as additional features like sweat and waterproof features.

If you want to gift an earphone to your parents or aged people, proceed with wired because they are simple and easy to connect.

If you are on a tight budget or if you do not want to spend more money on your next earphone, then you can check some best earphones with good sound quality under 1000 rappers in India.

When we compared wired vs wireless noise-cancelling headphones, wired headphones delivered a fantastic noise cancellation property over the wireless rival.

Audio Quality

The audio quality of the wired earphones is the best. Nothing can compete with the sound quality of wired earphone. For gaming also, wired earphones are the best option. The effective noise-cancelling feature of the earplug ensures the full details of your songs audible. Most of the wired headphones with mic has noise filter feature that provides smooth communication.


The wired earphones are compatible with all mobiles, laptops, and tabs of 3.5 mm audio port. Previously the size of the audio jack was 2.5 mm now all the jack sizes are standardised to 3.5 mm. If you are using an old model earphone of 2.5 mm jack, you can make it compatible with the mobiles and laptops of 3.5 mm by using a 2.5 to 3.5 mm adaptor.


Portability is the main issue of wired earphones. First of all, you need some patience to manage the 1.2 m (Standard length) wire and to solve the tangle issues. But these troubles can be eliminated to a great extend by using tangle-free cables.


Wired earphones are cheaper than wireless. You can find some decent quality wired earphones even under a budget of 500.

  • Best audio quality
  • Cheap compared to wireless
  • Easy to use, just plug in start enjoying
  • Messy wires

Why Wireless Earphones?

Before going into the comparison, let us see what wireless earphones are? Wireless earphone performs just like wired one, but instead of wires, they use Bluetooth, Wifi, or NFC to establish a connection. There are mainly two types of wireless earphones, neck bad which do have a cable to connect the earpiece and TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbuds which is entirely free from any type of cables.

Audio Quality

The audio quality is inferior to wired earphones. But now researches are going on this field to improve the sound quality. The audio quality is not suitable for gamers. 


Most of the wireless earphones are compatible with all Bluetooth and iOS versions. You have to go for premium brands with the latest Bluetooth versions like 4.0 or 5.0 to ensure drop-free and quick connections. The connectivity will be highly affected by environmental conditions like wind and other disturbances at outdoor.

Some wireless earphones come with dual connectivity feature, supports both wired and wireless modes. That means you can use such earphones as wired if the battery gets exhausted. Then the next natural question will be-do wireless headphones sound better plugged in? It depends on the model you select. Some perform better others not.


Portability is the main advantage of wireless earphones over Wireless earphones. If you have a TWS earbud, it can be kept in the case which can deliver 2 in 1 benefit, protection and charging. Once your earbuds wireless got discharged, you need not have to wander for the charging point or carry a portable charger. Just keep it in the case.

Even though wired earphones perform better in many aspects compared to wireless also have their own benefits. The first question is durability-Do wired headphones last longer than Bluetooth headphones? Our answer would be “NO” because TWS earbuds are more durable due to the additional protection provided by the casing.


Wireless earphones are expensive than wired.

  • Easy to carry and convenient
  • Best for calling duties
  • Best for listening to music while exercising
  • Costly
  • Useless if the battery got discharged


Audio QualityBestAverage
PortabilityLess comfortableComfortable
Compatibility3.5 mm (Rarely 2.5 mm) portBluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC
Water ResistanceSupportsSupports
During WorkoutsNot recommendedConvenient

Safety Aspects

A lot of people worry about the radion associated with the wireless earphones. Someone even believes that they cause cancer.

In fact, there is no clear evidence to substantiate their claims. Even in the scientific world, there are different opinions. Some believe it is harmful others think it is quite safe. According to The Malaysian Journal of Medical Science, earphone does not cause health problems.

As of now, the Electro-Magnetic Radiations (EMR) from Bluetooth and wifi devices are weak and non-ionising in nature. 

But earphones with high volume for long listening hours can cause serious problem to your ear like hearing loss.

Make your selection wisely

We believe this article would help you to find the answer to the question, are wireless headphones better than wired? Like purchasing any other products, selection of earphones also depend on the requirements of the end-user. If you are a music lover and audiophile, choose wired earphones with tangle-free cable.

If your focus more on calling purpose go for wireless earphones. If you also plan to use it during your workout sessions wireless would be helpful.

Sanil VS is a Chemical Engineer by Profession and he loves to write and review gadgets on his free times.

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