How to Connect Wireless Earphones to TV?

How to Connect Wireless Earphones to TV

With the explosion in online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., people depend more on Smart TV to watch their favourite movies and series.  The audience is now shifted to Televisions from Mobile phones and laptops because they can deliver a much better experience. Compared to a 6-inch mobile screen or a 15-inch … Read more

How to Charge True Wireless Earbuds? Best Method

how to charge true wireless earbuds

True Wireless Stereo or TWS Earbuds are the most recent trend in the earphone industry. Immediately after its introduction and success in the market, a vast number of earphone users replaced their conventional earphones with advanced True Wireless Earbuds. But how many of you know how to charge True wireless Earbuds effectively? By following proper … Read more