How Headphones Work? 4 Facts Everybody Should Know

how headphones work

Headphones and earphones are the most sold electronic items in the world. Have you ever wondered about how headphones work, Especially about the strength and quality of the sound produced by the small device? Sound is vibrations; if you could vibrate anything in a particular manner; it produces music! Understanding the working of headphones helps … Read more

Are Headphones Safe? 5 Facts You Should Know.

If we observe the last couple of years, we can see a surge in earphone and headphone usage. Previously headphone use was popular only among youths. Now the scenario has been changed; headphones became an integral part of human lifestyle irrespective of age and gender discriminations. But the main question is-Are headphones safe? The main … Read more

Best Bluetooth Headphones under 2000 in India

Best Bluetooth Headphones under 2000 in India

Hi comrades, welcome back to our latest article on the “10 Best Bluetooth Headphones under 2000”. Here you can find a variety of models like Neckbands, True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphones, over-ear, and in-ear types. We have included only premium brands in India. We believe this story help you to find the best wireless earphone … Read more

10 Best Earphones under 1000 in India

Best Earphones under 1000 in India

Are you looking for the best earphone under 1000, then your search ends here. Earphones became an unavoidable part of our life. While you are traveling, at your work, or during work out sessions, earphones are inevitable. However, the selection of earphones depend on your requirements is not as easy as it looks. But don’t … Read more